Online Video Marketing –  There’s alot of hype about online video nowadays. Actually I need to BACKUP… because it’s NOT HYPE. The fact is the stats are telling us that more and more savvy businesses are turning to online video. Smarter shoppers and prospective clients are being more selective about how they consume information. Which […]


Post image for Your 2013 Mission – Should You Choose To Accept It

For my friends celebrating the start of a New Year and looking back on 2012! A Word of Caution… For many like me this year gone by was full of frustrations, challenges, sadness and disappointment BUT that’s not the whole truth… is it? Because in truth 2012 was ALSO full of wonder, excitement, growth and […]

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Not sure what happened to the guy who wrote “bitch” on the Starbucks cup? But knowing why the word got there could make the world a better place, so says Charles Duhigg author of The Power of Habit. Funny I’m never used to be a big fan (or so I thought) of psychology. Perhaps it’s […]

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What drives You? Is your outcome strong enough. Do you have BIG HAIRY audacious goals that get you jumping out of bed raring to succeed in your business. This quick post is about how working with inspiring people inspires me to be a better marketer… and how as a result everyone wins If you feel […]


Marketing Ideas for Small Business – 18 HOT Tips

May 15, 2012

Hi today I wanted to share how to get hold of some very unique and extremely helpful marketing ideas for small business. These tips are designed to help quickly and easily promote your products or service online to get more leads and clients. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed like so many entrepeneurs by all the […]

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