It’s time I write this FTC blogging disclosure – this way everything (well that’s the goal) is on the up and up on this blog.

Since December 1st 2009, online marketing types are required to disclose the following:
I may be getting paid at times for the material I write on WickedOnlinMedia.com

Presently I don’t sell much stuff on this blog. Frankly this is where I write about experiences and topics of interest. As with all things that can change, given that this site is about Phil Squires Video and Social Media Guy I may from time to time write about and be rewarded for discussing and recommending products.

That said I’m required to inform you that any time you click on a link on a page of this website, there is a chance that I may be paid if you buy a product on the other end. To be sure please just assume that I get paid on EVERY link you see on this website.

At times, I may receive free gear for blogging about a products. At other times I may get free beach ball or key ring from vendors who want to woo me. At other times I may be offered 1st Class Tickets to Exotic Locations to work on a businesses online stuff 😉

Okay, so maybe I made that last one up.

The bottom line is, I’m an affiliate marketer, video and social media guy and a video blogger. When I speak about a product, I may have a affiliate link attached to that page or article. When a person buys that product, I get paid. Pretty simple.

FTC law requires I need to disclose this to you.

That said, I ONLY promote about stuff I feel has integrity and you won’t find me promoting unethical or remotely bullshit stuff EVER! Everything I have ever promoted at the time I felt was honest, viable and would make a difference in someones life. I speak the truth about every product or service and won;t be coerced into saying otherwise.

I understand there are some unsrupulous marketers out there but seriously consumers need to take a little responsibility. That said I understand why thses FTC riles exist.

Take care about who you buy from and what you buy. Try and eat leas processed food and go for a 20 minute walk every single day (your body will Thank You).

Remember when you buy stuff on his blog or anywhere else I create content on, I may get paid. (Preferably in Sterling, CHF or Silver please)

Lastly I promise to spend a good portion of the money I make on my wife Karin to say Thanks for all the tough times she’s stood by me!

As they say – Happy Wife, Happy Life


Phil Squires

Disclosure here I am modelling a guy I’ve been learning from for a little while now… here’s acknowledgment to outstanding marketer (no this is not sucking up) –  Jason Moffatt