Online Video Marketing – 3 Big Fears

Online Video Marketing –  There’s alot of hype about online video nowadays. Actually I need to BACKUP… because it’s NOT HYPE.

The fact is the stats are telling us that more and more savvy businesses are turning to online video. Smarter shoppers and prospective clients are being more selective about how they consume information. Which is why successful professionals and businesses are leveraging online video marketing to promote their products and services.

The reason is simple… online video engages us in 3 ways: you see, you hear and you feel your way through the content. Which is why online video is so effective – enabling you to build credibility and create trust like no other medium.

Switched on businesses are using online video marketing to extend their reach and engage with their target audience. The goal? Get more leads and make more Sales.

BUT I’m getting ahead of myself… there is a PROBLEM

PanicThere are 3 BIG fears when it comes to online video marketing.

Many people believe creating online videos is EXPENSIVE… too TECHNICAL and… very TIME-CONSUMING


So let’s take a quick look at those fears…

 Online Video Marketing is Expensive

Fear Number One… Over the years I have worked with a wide-range of businesses including professional speakers, self-help gurus, authors, social media experts and the inspirational TED community. Each project had it’s own unique requirements but the fundamentals remain the same which of course is focusing on what your client needs and wants !

One of my first major projects called for over 40 self-help training videos. The personal development speaker I partnered with wanted to capture his seminar presentations to reach a new audience – basically getting the web to work for him.

As you know having a strong presence online and leveraging online video meant he could reach a much wider audience. Back then I knew very little about video (I did mention the long road earlier). Long story short we reached out to professional videographers and were shocked at the quotes that came in. I can tell you the cheapest was in excess of £1800.00 just for the 2 day shoot… SHOCKING!

There and then I decided that there had to be a better, simpler way to get the videos online. The solution was to film and edit myself…

Online Video Marketing is Too Technical

Fear Number Two… As you can imagine there are all sorts of things busy professionals and businesses worry about. Which camera… what lighting… where will we shoot… who will do the editing… which editing software to use… how will we handle the video hosting… embedding html code… which format is the best? As you know the list can be quite substantial… And we haven’t even focused on the subject matter for the content nor the structure (yet).

Online Video Marketing takes Too Much Time

Fear Number Three… To be fair without a clear strategy this is a valid point. Everything takes time if you don’t have the right tools and guidance. BUT what if you had someone to guide you. Someone who can show you how to be cost-efficient, avoid the steep technical learning curve and eliminate the time challenges.

I understand businesses serious about growth are not always prepared to set aside weeks or even months figuring out all the nuances to implement online video marketing

The good news is … You’re in the right place!

I help busy professional and businesses… create online videos to promote their products and services to connect with their target audience… even if they think it’s time-consuming, expensive and find the technical stuff more than a little scary

So over the next few weeks I’m going to be blasting all the mis-information out to sea (not actually out to sea mind – it’s just a figure of speech :-). Delivering actionable tips and strategies you can put to action right away. That way you don’t miss out on the magic that is online video marketing.

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