Why Inspiration Is Good For Your Business

What drives You? Is your outcome strong enough. Do you have BIG HAIRY audacious goals that get you jumping out of bed raring to succeed in your business.

This quick post is about how working with inspiring people inspires me to be a better marketer… and how as a result everyone wins

If you feel this area could use a little focus then (like I did), learning what inspires others, moreover what their intention is and why is a great place to start

As many of you know I’ve been lucky enough to surround myself with some of the best in the business… and when I was asked to join forces with TEDxZug I discovered something amazing.

I’ve learned as a marketer to set and have goals that are larger than my own needs in life… so imagine setting a goal of planting 1 billion trees in Ethiopia

Actually I’m gonna stick with the word outcome instead of goals – something I learnt from my friend (well on FaceBook anyway) Michael Bernoff. Michael says knowing your outcome is more powerful than listing goals.

Either way a little while back I had the distinct pleasure to connect and work with Simon Pfister (GreenEthiopia.org) through TEDxZug who has such a outcome in mind. And working with his father and the Trestle Group Foundation they’re breaking incredible ground.. ha ha yes I just said that 😉

His presentation titled “Walk the Earth – How 1 Billion Trees can Empower Women” both moved and inspired everyone who was lucky enough to be there

Check Out Simon’s Prezi Here – “How 1 billion trees can change the lives of rural farmers in Ethiopia”

Simon spoke about the incredible challenges millions of Ethiopian’s face on a day to day basis. Moreover how the simple task of planting trees may be the secret to helping whole communities live their lives with dignity.

The shocking truth is the women are the one’s who are suffering the most BUT… get this it’s the women who are stepping up and changing their world day-by-day

Long story short here’s the video I produced which tells the story way better than a few simple words…

As we learnt Simon wants to show people that trees are more than just wood, or trunks or branches

Simon Pfister sees trees for what they truly represent… Trees represent Hope. Trees are allowing woman to take control of their lives. Lifting themselves and their families up and out of abject poverty. Transforming the lives of rural farmers in Ethiopia, enabling them live off their land and live their life in dignity.

I’ll be frank my goal is not that BIG (yet).

However no doubt you’ll agree that knowing others have such amazing outcomes in mind helps inspire us all to dig a whole lot deeper

Till next time… peace

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