Your 2013 Mission – Should You Choose To Accept It

For my friends celebrating the start of a New Year and looking back on 2012!

A Word of Caution…

For many like me this year gone by was full of frustrations, challenges, sadness and disappointment BUT that’s not the whole truth… is it?

Because in truth 2012 was ALSO full of wonder, excitement, growth and unbelievable opportunity.

Sure it’s easy to focus on the negative (all you have to do is turn on the TV) and even list out the reasons why BUT that’s a ‘fools game’ in my humble opinion. You see I learned and applied a little secret early in 2012 which has helped me no end. To appreciate life, the people and the experiences I attract into my version of world (we all have one ;-).

You see I have learned when you focus on ALL the good stuff that happens no matter how seemingly insignificant – beliefs and mindset changes occur. And when this takes place all manner of good things are waiting to surprise and encourage you if you truly desire them.

So before I share what I learned I wanted to acknowledge some people all over the world who have made my life better, interesting and more exciting that I believed possible

  1. Michael Bernoff – master communicator and transformation coach who helped ‘obliterate’ old useless beliefs and instil a NEW calm and focus in my life.
  2. Jason Moffatt – for inspiring me to live “life to the full” and “say it like it is”…
  3. James Wedmore – for teaching me what it means to over-promise and seriously over-deliver…
  4. Ruth Sherman – the amazing video Charisma Coach who helped me connect with own uniqueness (watch this 2013 space)
  5. Sarah Santacroce – for her positive influence, the online coach with swiss precision and american can-do attitude
  6. Matt Trainer – for helping me see opportunity everywhere and realise that connection is everything when helping others in business
  7. Liz Dialto – showing me what can be achieved when you set your eye on the prize and stay the course
  8. Jason Leister – giving me true insights into what makes me unique and create a compelling vision for 2013 and beyond
  9. Alex Greve – for his generosity, friendship with (strong guiding hand) and incredible work in the health and well-being arena
  10. Natalie Albrecht – for her enthusiasm, kindness and wonderfully pragmatic approach to life (master-networker)

Essential Mover & Shakers, Online Rockstars & Legends – Shane Johnston, Carl Vanderpal, Scott Colby, John Pullum, Sean ‘WordPress Guy’ Vosler, Sean Malarkey, Steven Washer, Lon Naylor, Gideon Shalwick, James Schramko, Lewis Howes, Michael Masterson & John Carlton

As you can see I have many people to thank for an outstanding 2012. Could I have done better, could I have achieved more – hell yeah. The point is looking at this list of people if I achieve 1/10 of what they do in 2013 I’ll be a happy camper – moving in the right direction – that’s pretty cool!

OK here’s the link to dead simple daily technique that I learnt from Craig Ballantyne over at Early to Rise (a place of inspiration and practical advice for anyone wanting to be successful online)

CLICK HERE ->>>>>> What You Should Do Today

Let me know if any of this resonates with you by leaving a comment below

Can’t wait for 2013… it promises to be amazing !

Thanks a bunch


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admin January 3, 2013 at 12:34 pm

Appreciate your support – Looking forward to ‘wicked good’ things in 2013 Sarah


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